Office and Rec Room

Rec Room Therapy: In the past I did a lot of community based counseling with At-Risk Youth. I quickly found if I could get them to play a game of pool at a Fun Center or bowling alley the teens would engage in the counseling and really open up and talk. As those business shut down in our community that option was no longer available.

When this office space became available it was everything I had ever hoped for: a lobby, a counseling office and the large open space I could use for a Rec Room. It has worked out even better than I had hoped, and I had high hopes for this place!

For many people (often those who need counseling the most) sitting and talking can be very uncomfortable. By playing a game of chess, darts or ping pong, clients drop their resistance and become very open in discussing issues and solutions. Children, teens and adults enjoy using the Rec Room as we do counseling. It has proven to be very effective in family therapy; family stressors quickly emerge which allows me to address issues or behavioral problems in real time.

Many families who come to me are “emotionally exhausted” from stress and worry. They usually cannot recall the last time they did something fun as a family. For these families they begin having fun in the Rec Room, I can observe how the personalities interact with one another and we can make real progress!

Lots of people have tried counseling in the past and haven’t found the right fit with a therapist. If you need potpourri and an elegant environment to engage in the counseling, I won’t be the right fit for you. If you are looking for a therapist who is skilled in a broad range of areas, is professional and objective, is flexible and believes counseling can be fun and effective you may want to contact me.

My relaxed and comfortable Rec Room offers a full-size slate pool table, darts, ping pong, foosball, a basketball “shooter” and a 2-6 person (two team) air hockey table.

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Puppets, Games &  Art Therapy Area

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Pool Table, Air Hockey & Foosball in Rec Room 

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Basketball Shooter & Darts in Rec Room