Luna is my Great Dane that comes to work with me every day. She is less than two years old so she often acts like a puppy.

Luna is the sweetest, kindest dog I have ever known. She is the most non-aggressive dog I’ve ever had! She believes if any critter has 4 legs and a tail they should be best friends! Squirrels, cats, dogs, doesn’t matter, she loves them all!

She really likes women and babies and is very sensitive to other’s stress and emotional pain. Often she will try to comfort clients who are in emotional pain (other times she naps).

Luna is my assistant. She is not a trained therapy dog nor is she certified in any way to be a therapy dog. But she is a huge help to me day in and day out and is a wonderful blessing for me.

Often kids or teens that really do not want to see a counselor are willing to come to my office just to meet Luna—and she loves to meet everyone! She has been a great bridge for many reluctant people to engage in  counseling.


Here are some questions people often ask about Luna:

Male or Female? Female

How old is she? Not even 2 years old

How much does she weigh? About 110 pounds

Is she full grown? I don’t know; she’s the first Great Dane I’ve ever had

Can I ride her? No, she is a big dog not a small horse

Is she an Albino? No, it is genetically impossible for a Great Dane to be an albino. She has the Recessive White Gene which is why she has a white coat and those beautiful blue eyes

Does she eat a lot? I guess; the amount of food she eats seems reasonable for her size to me (a 40 lb. bag of food lasts 3 weeks)

Do you leave her alone in your office when you leave? Nope, she is first and foremost a family dog, she loves to come to work but at the end of the day she is anxious to get back home to be with our family