Veterans, Thank you for serving our Country! I appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made to serve and protect our Country!

PTSD: Whether you were In Country in 1969 or 2009 it is probable you developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a reaction to being in combat. I can give you the skills to deal with your:

Intrusive Thoughts (negative thoughts that keep bombarding your brain)
Sleep Disturbance (trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and restless or unsatisfying sleep) 
Difficulty In Concentrating
Isolation (avoiding crowds, prefering stay home)
Survival Guilt

In the past PTSD was not well understood in the medical and psychology fields. Because in the past there was little help, many combat veterans with PTSD became workaholics and abused alcohol and drugs as a way to medicate their pain.

In the past 20 years psychology has finally developed some truly amazing and helpful techniques to help the client manage their symptoms of PTSD. This is a highly specialized area of counseling which I have been providing to veterans for over 15 years. In my opinion, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy provides helpful, productive skills without being invasive (in other words I won’t be asking you to re-live your trauma).

What you’ve experienced in the service of our country is not going to fade away; it will always be a chapter in your life’s story. Your combat experience changed you–not because you are defective or weak. PTSD is an almost normal reaction to an abnormal experience. I don’t think anyone who has experienced combat would ever claim it was a normal experience.

Your memories and PTSD do not have to be the primary chapter of your life or the “cover of your book.” By learning the effective skills to control the symptoms, you can have a better quality of life.

Call me; let’s work together for your benefit. And yes, if learning these skills as we shoot a game of pool makes it more comfortable for you, we’ll do that.