How to Pick a Counselor or Psychologist

  It is difficult to pick a counselor when you know you or a loved one needs help, but you don’t know of any counselors or psychologists.   An excellent way is to ask friends or family members if they know of anyone they would recommend. I’d also suggest you ask what it is they… Read more »

Label or Diagnosis?

  Label or Diagnosis is an area I feel very strongly about. I sometimes hear people say that all counselors and psychologists want to do is put labels on people. I completely disagree with the concept of labels. The purpose of diagnosis is to make sure we have identified what is going on with the clients… Read more »

My Policies on Blogging

    I am starting a series of blogs about mental health and counseling that I hope you will find to be informative, useful and possibly even entertaining.  As a counselor, I am often asked if I’m married and have children. Since people see me for couples counseling and parenting help, it makes good sense… Read more »